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“I will be short, I have never sent feedback to speaker (you are the first one) but your workplace bullying presentation and your treatment of it was outstanding.

Sylvain Berube, PMP , Montreal

I attended Paul’s presentation at the PMI EMEA Congress in London in May 2015, and I found the presentation on bullying on projects particularly inspiring yet of considerable practical value. I believe that bullying in the workplace is seriously under-discussed at present, and a subject that we need to hear a lot more about to stimulate sensitivity and solutions creation. I believe projects are as rife with workplace disrespect as all other spheres of business. Awareness, sensitivity, solutions and tools to address it is seriously lacking, although improving. Paul’s passion for this subject matter transcended his presentation and manifested well in his ability to model the principles discussed. I liked the examples from real life he cited of things to watch out for. His personal experience as a victim of bullying was delivered with honesty and credibility, and was well received by the audience. I would not hesitate to highly recommend this presentation to any organization!

Jaycee Krüger, Member of PMI’s Ethics Member Advisory Group, CEO of Greybeards Inc., South Africa

Paul is an excellent speaker and engages his audience in a collaborative learning exercise. He is highly articulate and his legal training was very helpful in making complicated legal issues easy to understand. He has an easy-going yet knowledgeable approach. Very funny and good listening skills. He is passionate, effective and delivers a very powerful message. The other attendees raved about the session and how helpful it was.”

Sherry Robinson, PHD, PMP
Associate Professor of Business, Penn State, USA

“There are some topics that deeply touch our social consciousness and challenge our perception of good and bad. Bullying is one of them. It takes courage to speak up and denounce bullying and it takes competence to speak about bullying. Paul Pelletier has both.

Personal experience and extensive research are coupled in his presentation. Paul provides both insight and practical information. With skills, poise and empathy he guides his audience to recognize bullying in all its forms. For many, his presentation will be the first step towards awareness, healing and action.”

Giusi Meloni, PMP PMI Ethics Member Advisory Group

“Paul  was spot-on in his presentation. I appreciated his professionalism, energy, humour, intelligence, knowledge, extraordinary skills and ability to synthesize a very complex topic into a dynamic, relevant and cohesive whole package. This was a courageous presentation delivered with laser-focus and I was personally impacted to the point of tears. It was just what we needed right now. All I can say is that every organization should engage you!”

Barbara E. Brazon, MSIT, PMP
Chair of Information, Sciences, and Technology — Penn State, USA
Senior Instructor of Information, Sciences, and Technology

“Paul really opened a Pandora’s Box. He is courageous and honest enough to discuss it in a forum. Such discussions are usually held between employees informally. This should be discussed more to make all people in every position aware. I really agree with each word of the article. “

Manhas Rajan de Amin, PMP
Director, Computer Technology Group Kolkata, India

I presented a webinar for over 1200 participants for PM.com on July 28, 2015. Below is a list of the some of the feedback I received:

This is BY FAR the best PM webinar i’ve attended. Great job! and thank you!

Really useful and important presentation. Thank you.

Thank you for this presentation it was so good and eye opening!

wow! this webinar really makes me examine my own behavior. awesome!

I haven’t been to such an engaging webinar for a very long time!