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Our team brings over 25 years of experience in leading company recognized teams, 15 years collective experience in training and development, and individual and organizational performance consulting. With expertise in every aspect of workplace respect and diversity we provide a full spectrum of consulting services including awareness and prevention training, education, resolution, counselling and support.



Paul Pelletier

Paul Pelletier

Paul is a corporate attorney, project manager, international public speaker, and business executive with over 25 years experience in senior roles in government and industry. He is a regular presenter at global conferences and other events. He is also a published author, blogger and webinar presenter.

During his career, on more than one occasion, Paul realized he was the target of disrespectful workplace behavior and workplace bullying.

Bullying can be as harmful at work as it is in schools and other areas of society. Paul knows this from personal experience. He shares his story and how it led to the work he does today. His new book, Workplace Bullying – It’s Just Bad for Business, is designed to help organizations and their staff prevent, manage and eliminate workplace bullying.

An expert in workplace respect,  diversity, bullying, leadership and ethics, Paul  uses his extensive background in corporate law, team management and project/program management to help organizations establish respectful workplace and diversity policies, training, programs, and processes for safely, fairly, and effectively addressing disrespectful behavior.

Paul designs, develops, and implements strategies that foster respectful and inclusive workplaces and employ best practices in effective conflict resolution. He specializes in working with organizations, leaders, employees and teams to build understanding and turn workplace respect strategy into action. He also assists organizations in integrating respectful workplace and diversity strategies with business and human resource goals.

Paul is associated with a team of experts in every aspect of workplace respect providing a full spectrum of consulting services including prevention, education, resolution, counseling and support. Certified mediators, experienced arbitrators and fair investigators ensure conflicts get resolved. Certified clinical counsellors and facilitators provide comfort and support.  Expert coaching, counselling and facilitation for a range of issues to mitigate the impacts of a crisis and to foster growth and development.